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Nob's Log!

Entry #14: Finding the Ring of Wonder June 18th, 2013

Entry #13: The Adventurers' Reunion May 1st, 2013

Entry #12: Battles with the Dark Lands Wednesday 24th, 2013

Entry #11: Face Yer Fears Day March 25th, 2013

Entry #10: A Flooded Rainforest and the Wild West December 17th, 2012

Entry #9: Crazy Rainforest Fishing! October 18th, 2012

Entry #8: Discovering my Teleporter Trophy and Learning Spinjitzu September 22nd, 2012

Entry #7: Spinjitzu Training at the Rainforest Ninja Training Dojo September 14th, 2012

Entry #6: Adventuring In the Rainforest September 8th, 2012

Entry #5: Looting at the Town Mall August 27th, 2012

Entry #4: Visiting the Traveling Carrot Contest August 17th, 2012

Entry #3: Taking the Cabbages to Market August 11th, 2012

Entry #2: Going to the County Fair August 2nd, 2012

Entry #1: Introducing Me July 28th, 2012