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Going to the County Fair

August 2nd, 2012

Today I went to the county fair! I decided to enter my potato for the potato contest. There were only two other contestants who looked rather strange. Their potatoes looked a bit strange too. Their potatoes looked exactly the same and rather pale and small (at least small for entering in a contest). When the judge came up and announced me the winner I was extremely happy. The award came with 100 dollars of prize money.

Just as I was thinking that the prize money added to the money from my potatoes and soon to be harvested cabbages would get be enough to go on an adventure, the other contestants started whispering among themselves. One said he wondered why I had won and the other replied mabye I had done something like watering or fertilizing (both of which I had done). The other started to ask whether watering and fertilizing were against the rules but before he could finish the judge said, "No Pedro, you ask that every year and it's getting old." Then the contestants did something rather frightening. The first contestant (not Pedro)in his frustation at losing ran away and kicked a tree in the process. Meanwhile Pedro pulled out a spear (from who knows where) and began threatening the judge and trying to force him to give him the prize. I was sad because I saw the judge begin to look like he might give in after he got cut. I hoped I could keep my prize money and ribbon so I would not have to wait until next year to go on an adventure.

Luckily, a policeman had been watching and waiting (knowing Pedro would try to steal the prize like he did almost every year). The policeman arrested Pedro and sent me home with the prize money and ribbon. Now it will not be long until my adventure.