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Nob's Log!

Introducing Me

July 28th, 2012

Once I was a humble pirate. However, my crew mates were not peaceful. Most people would expect this. Not me. My captain said we should loot some farmers. I did not know how to loot.

I had always thought that pirates were peaceful people that adventured on the ocean and found buried treasure. I had never even thought of looting people. When the time came I hoped that I would not be chosen to go looting. Unfortunately, I was the first to be picked.

I supposed the others could loot for me but the pirates split into groups of two and each group had their own farm. I did not actually have to do any looting as I was paired with the best looter in the crew. My partner looted the whole farm and got away but the farmer saw me. He realized I did not really loot anything but he wanted me to feel what it was like to be a farmer.

As you can see from the picture I raised some crops after leaving the crew. My potatoes grew pretty well and in one of the mounds I found an enormous one. I sold most of my potatoes and got a pretty good price. At this rate I should soon be have fundings for my much wanted adventure.