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Nob's Log!

Taking the Cabbages to Market

August 11th, 2012

Today I harvested my cabbages. I got some normal cabbages and some red cabbages. Speaking of red cabbages I wonder why they're called that. Those red cabbages looked pretty purple to me. It was hard work to get all the cabbages picked. I decided to harvest my carrot crop rather than selling it with the field because I decided I would need some supplies other than the ones I had already thought of.

I loaded up all my cabbages and was going to take them to market but as I was loading the cabbages I saw something. I looked around and just as I was about to give up I saw it. There was a rat that looked like it was about to eat one of my red cabbages. I ran up to it and yelled, "Don't eat my red cabbage!" And with that I kicked the rat across the room straight into my scorpion style mousetrap! The rat died from being impaled so I went back to loading my cabbages.

When I went to the market I saw a rather rich looking lady telling someone that farmers were poor and needed more money, so to help them she should just buy their stuff for a lot of money. She walked right up to me and placed about a thousand dollars on the table. It seemed like buying the cabbages was an afterthought to her. I went home and found that since I had made so much money with the cabbages I could get extra stuff for my adventure.