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Visiting the Traveling Carrot Contest

August 17th, 2012

Today I finished harvesting my carrots! I am glad that the carrots turned out so well, because once they were washed in my crate of water, I discovered that they were good enough for the carrot contest. I had heard about the contest before and hoped that I could win it.

This was the only traveling contest I had ever heard of. I learned from other farmers that the people running the contest searched everywhere to find what they called "The King of All Carrots".
When I got to the place where they held the contest, I was amazed at what I saw. There was a very interesting wall behind the judges which had a small carrot on either side of a large carrot. The entrants were strange looking, but their carrots -- if they were indeed carrots -- looked stranger than their owners.

Three of the people looked like the ones at the county fair potato contest. One had a brick shaped head and the other was green and very small. One of the three potato-contest-looking ones had a rotten mushified carrot, the second had a transparent carrot and the third had a small carrot. The man with the brick shaped head had an apple (which he kept on saying was delicious), and the small green man had a banana (which he said was an orange carrot, causing me to think that he was color-blind).

As the judges were trying the carrots, a miner guy came out of the ground through a hole he had just made. The miner was holding an orange object which had a zipper on it. The orange object jumped out of the miner's hand and squirmed around on the ground until the zipper opened. A man the size of the one with the banana popped out of what seemed to be a costume. The costume looked way too tight even for someone as small as the person wearing it.

The judges announced that I was the winner and gave me a trophy and some prize money. One of the other entrants chopped down a tree with an axe he pulled out of some tall grass and stood on the stump, another had a temper tantrum, and another did not even seem to register that the contest was over. The small green man jumped on the brick-shaped-head guy's head, and the man who had his head jumped on ran away. So I went home with enough money to go on an adventure when I added it to my other money from the crops.