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Nob's Log!

Looting at the Town Mall

August 27th, 2012

Today I started off on my adventure! I shopped around and got some dishes, cooking supplies, and some food for Hamlet my pig. I bought myself a backpack and a small trophy case to put my ribbon and trophy in from the contests. I spent most a lot of money on the cart because I had to get it specially made to be able to hold Cluck-cluck, my faithful egg-laying chicken. It also had to be made so Hamlet could pull it. Hamlet seemed a bit reluctant to pull the cart, but I said, "Come on Hamlet! everyone has to carry their share of the load." After walking for a few hours I found a town and went to see if there was anything I wanted in its mall. I gave Hamlet some carrot sticks and an apple and went inside.

As I was walking inside I saw a police notice that said, "Mall free for looting, please loot." I still did not know how to loot, but I saw someone picking stuff up off the ground and saying, "I love looting!" so I figured I could just pick stuff up. I found a weapon shop and took a few things. The probably once beautiful stained glass window was broken and there was glass and rubble on the ground. I had to dig around to find most of the stuff. I got a strange double sided sword thing which I did not know how to use but liked. It was standing up against the wall right near the entrance.

I also took a throwing and slashing knife because I did not know how to use my other weapon. After a while I decided it would be a good idea to get a shield so I dug around until I found one. It was a pretty simple shield, but it was bigger than the others and I did not like the others because they looked like viking and dragon shields. I was thinking about getting something like a machete or an axe but apparently they had already been looted. As I was on my way out I got a bit burned by a still-lit torch hidden under some rubble, but I looted some ointment from a drug store.

When I went in the drug store I saw a man who was covered with spots and upon seeing me yelled,"Do you know where the measles medicine is?" I said I did not, so he went back to look for it himself. As I picked up some ointment, the man found the measles medicine. I would have taken a picture of the guy, but he yelled, "Get out of here! No one can be within five thousand miles when I drink this medicine!" so I decided that I had better leave. I asked a guy where was a good place to have adventures, and he recommended the rainforest, so I will be going there soon.