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Adventuring In the Rainforest

September 8th, 2012

I finally reached the rainforest today. The person I asked for directions from sent me in the opposite direction and I didn't realize that until I asked someone else how to get here. In the rainforest I was glad that I brought some of each of my crops along.

I found out why they call it a rainforest but it seemed like the fish enjoyed it. I found a river where I was able to catch some fish for dinner. I made myself some fish and chips but Hamlet ate most of it. He really seemed hungry so I made him some potatoes and eggs. I ended up having to make some more for myself when he fell asleep.

When I started adventuring again the next day I met a strange man who was wearing only a loin cloth and a sleeve. He said his name was crazy father Joe, or Nadybumpo for short. According to him, the double-sided knife thing was a spinjitzu weapon and I could learn to use it at the nearby ninja training dojo. I asked him where the dojo was, and he said it was about twenty miles to his right. I do not really know whether or not his right was the right way, but I really hope he was facing the right direction when he told me that. (I hope it does not turn out like the time I asked someone how to get to the rainforest.)