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Spinjitzu Training at the Rainforest Ninja Training Dojo

September 14th, 2012

A few days ago I found the ninja training dojo and started my training, but the training was so intense I did not have time to write about it until today. Plus Sensei took my computer and told me I could not have it back until I had completed my training.

While I was going to sleep on the first night I took out my carrot contest trophy. The paint on it seemed to be rubbing off at the bottom. I suppose it was not very high quality paint, and the bottom got slightly loose so I pushed it in because I was afraid it might come off.

The training course was quite difficult. It consisted of some choppy axes, spinning stick-things, knives on a wheel, dummies, some wooden things that popped out of the ground (you had to jump on these), and a punchbag and maceball that could hit you for almost the whole course.

The worst part was that us ninja-in-training had to finish the whole dreadful thing before Sensei finished his tea! (By the way, the plural of ninja is ninja. Well, according to Sensei.) No one seemed to have ever finished the training course since Sensei developed his quick-drinking method.

I just could not seem to finish the course in time no matter how fast I went, that is until yesterday. I figured that if I brought my knife I could throw it at the cup Sensei was holding and spill it. The plan worked perfectly and once I had thrown the knife all I had to do was shield the maceball and punchbag. Then as Sensei was pouring his new tea I sneaked up behind him and said, "Is that one sugar, or two?" just as he was looking at the course to see where I was. All the other ninja, upon seeing me do it, threw their weapons at Sensei as well.

Most of them happened to have rather large weapons which sometimes knocked Sensei over altogether, or broke his teapot, causing him to need to go get a new one. Once he even had to make more tea! While I was there I met someone named Al Gene who said he had been looking for some teleporters so he could travel to China. After the training Sensei pulled me aside and said, "Do you think you are more important than the tea? Huh? Huh?" This caused me to think think that he cared more about his tea than anything else.