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Nob's Log!

Discovering my Teleporter Trophy and Learning Spinjitzu

September 22nd, 2012

A few days ago I learned Spinjitzu, but I have not been able to write about it until now Sensei took away my computer and said I could not have it back until I had finished fixing the training course. The course was broken because -- well, actually, I'd better start from the beginning...

I was just talking with Al Gene about the Traveling Carrot contest, when I realized the trophy I had received now looked almost exactly like the teleporters Al Gene had that he showed me (the paint on my trophy wore off causing it to look different).

I took out the teleporter trophy and gave it to Al Gene. He tried to trade for it but I insisted on just giving it to him. Just as I got him to take it the training course (whose obstacles we were sitting on) randomly turned on!

Al Gene and I were flung off the platform we were sitting on, and I ended up on one of the courses spinning obstacles. I grabbed on to the obstacle as I had done in the training, and saw some blue lines spinning around me. I was not able to figure out exactly what the lines were however, since I was soon flung to another spinning obstacle.

As I was spinning I saw Al Gene climb to the top of the tower on the platform we had been sitting on, and jump off ... in the wrong direction. He smashed into the axes and completely destroyed them after throwing his katana at it. He kept climbing back up the tower and jumping off, missing the button again and again. However, I was thrown around all the spinning obstacles.

I kept grabbing the obstacles, though barely and then I would be flung off again. The whole time more and more blue lines started spinning all around me. I kept wondering what they were but had no time to think about them since it was next to impossible to watch Al Gene and hang on to the obstacles at the same time, so I had to focus completely on watching Al Gene.

I saw Al Gene climb up the tower (for maybe the sixth time) and jump off. This time though, he was headed straight for the button. However, I noticed the giant swinging maceball headed right for him! I thought he would get hit and most likely die, but at the last moment he sliced the maceball in two. He hit the button and I think I broke a few obstacles in the course. But when I landed on the ground, the blue lines spinning around me became a bright tornado of imagination Spinjitzu.

Al Gene got his teleporters and decided to leave before Sensei found out about the broken course, but I decided to stay because I felt that I shouldn't just leave the place a wreck. Besides, I knew Sensei had wanted (because the first four ninja he'd trained had turned out really well) to continue on to train a whole army of ninja. He couldn't exactly do that without a training course.

About the course reconstruction, there's not that much to tell. It took me quite a while to rebuild. And that's the story of how I learned Spinjitzu, helped Al out, and destroyed Sensei's training course!