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Crazy Rainforest Fishing!

October 18th, 2012

I have not written an entry in quite a while!

That is because I caught a tropical pneumonia (if that's spelled right) and had to stay in sleeping bag for three weeks. Only two days later, just as I was planning to write up a new entry here, I caught what the witch doctor said was "Mad Pig Disease"!

He told me it was nothing to worry about, for he'd had it himself once. "And jarst loork at me now!" That thought somehow did not comfort me. In fact, I decided to hibernate for a few days until I got better. (I learned that healing-coma trick at the ninja dojo.)

I woke up a couple days earlier than I expected when Hamlet started squealing extremely loud right next to me. I was unable to move for a few minutes because my limbs were still paralyzed from the coma, so I could only watch, helpless, as Hamlet used my stomach as a trampoline to catapult himself up onto the cart. He landed on it and began making the customary sounds of pigging out. I found out later that he had been devouring my whole snack stash.

When my limbs awakened, I was able to stand up just in time to see Hamlet eat my last potato chip. I now had no snack stash, so I decided to go fishing in a nearby stream.

I made the mistake of mistaking it for an ordinary stream; it was actually an out-of-the-ordinary stream.

It seemed very normal at first. Well, perhaps the abundance of fish should have given me a clue; I mean, every time I casted my line out I had to reel it back in with three fish attached. I didn't even have one of those fancy triple-pronged fishing hooks. Talk about overpopulation.

Anyway, that only happened for the first half-hour, after which all the smart fish swam away. By then, I had caught quite a few fish.

As I was in the process of pulling in yet another large fish, what seemed to be a giant piranha came up and chomped off the end of my fishing pole, which still had the fish on it!

It came out of nowhere and everywhere at once!

I suppose I now have a "one that got away" story...

At the time, I was far too shocked to be scared, so I didn't really get a good look at the monstrous thing, but I did get a picture, which I did get a good look at afterward.

Since I had so many fish, the witch doctor made me pay my medical bills in fish. It was annoying, though, because when I told him earlier I couldn't pay him for the checkup he said, "Did Dr. Angelo ask for money?"

That's all I have time to write now. Hamlet wants another fish stick.