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Nob's Log!

A Flooded Rainforest and the Wild West

December 17th, 2012

Recently, the rainforest has been getting rather flooded. In fact, the water level got so high that my computer was destroyed so I could not write before (my camera was not destroyed because it was in a plastic bag). The water level just kept on rising, and rising until I found some high ground. I was almost drowned when I heard a giant cracking sound.

Suddenly the water all started flowing away to a certain area. When the water went down I found myself in the top of a fifty-foot tree! Once I had managed to get myself and the cart on the ground I found a man next to a broken dam.

He yelled at me to go away and muttered something about water having no business breaking his dam. I headed for the other side of the dam and found it to be a desert. Since I had never adventured in the desert before I decided to try it. Before long I found a town, and a blacksmith named Brown, who fixed my computer. I asked if could take a picture with him, but he said, "No! You cannot do that under any circumstances!" He went on to explain that doing so could conceivably destroy the space-time continuum. However, he did let me take a picture posing next to his "mighty anvil", as I called it.