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Nob's Log!

The Adventurers' Reunion

May 1st, 2013

Saturday was the adventurers' reunion, or "friendly party" as Source Bradford would have it.

Zhonn and I arrived at the reunion building before anyone else so we could set things up. The building was nothing special. It was quite small and overrun by lots of critters.

We found an old rotten broom to sweep the floor with, but seeing as it was old and rotten, it wasn't that great of a help. "Zhonn, how are we going to get this place cleaned up in time?" I asked. "Uh, a few of my friends are coming by, so I think we'll have plenty of help."

Only seconds after he had said this, the building's tiny entrance was forced open (and nearly broken down) by a flood of people I had never met before. "Gosh, Zhonn, just how many people did you invite?!"

"I only invited a couple of my friends-"

"A couple," I interjected, "means two, Zhonn. Not fifty!"

"Well... I kind of got them to invite their friends, and their friends' friends too."

"Don't you think Dr. Gene will feel uncomfortable around this many strangers?" I asked him.

"Come on, Nob, don't be such a worry wart. They brought food with them; everything's cool."

Zhonn ended up having much the same conversation with Dr. Garlic when he arrived, but nobody made the strangers (most of whom were not even adventurers) leave because Zhonn started singing this lame song about me being a worry wart. It wasn't even clever.

One of them--"Pajama Sam"--was a perfect example of someone who should never have been invited. When people were giving speeches later, he made someone drag his bed up on to the stage, where he told this really lame story about him getting his breakfast."

Eventually Source Bradford arrived with Dr. Gene. Dr. Garlic greeted him, then I walked over to say hi also.

"Al!" I said. "How've you been?"

"Do I know you?" Al asked.

"Well, you know my name, although you don't remember I belong to it." I waited a few moments for him to realize who I was. He didn't figure it out, so I announced: "I am Nob!"

"Wow," Al said in amazement, "you look different... did you get a new haircut?"

"Yes, I did. Thank you for noticing." I replied.

"I guess it's just that the suit, the glasses, the hair, and the lack of a large green backpack sorta make you slightly less recognizable."

"Yeah. Dr. Garlic's pesky... I mean pretty sister made me dress up nicely."

Then Dr. Garlic's sister came over. He introduced her, then we all talked together for a while. Afterwards there was the story time I mentioned earlier, but all the strangers ended up chanting "Al Gene should start adventuring again!" and made Dr. Gene very flustered. He ran outside because they all began crowding around him.

We followed him outside, and Source told him about a treasure-hunting idea he had, but Al wanted nothing to do with it, and told him so. He walked off into the sunset, and we decided to let him have some time to himself.

Then a crazy, wild-eyed, four-armed goblin who didn't claim to be a scientist blew up the reunion building. We had to call the hospital because most of the people inside had been impaled with pieces of the building.

On Friday, I'm meeting Source and the others at this Alexandrian tour company. I have no idea what the guy's up to, but I have a feeling he's still got plenty of plans left to get Dr. Gene adventuring again.