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Nob's Log!

Finding the Ring of Wonder

June 18th, 2013

Zhonn and I have just finished making ourselves another copy of The Book of Magic, Lore, Witchcraft and Wizardry, Treasures and Other Universes, and Simply the World Around Us, by Sir Daniel Ratwoven! I had gotten a really good look at it in the secret chamber beneath the library of Alexandria, so we were able to copy it from my photographic... photographs.

What can I say? The book was just too good to trust its wonderful contents to my memory! Perhaps the average person would say it was a good thing I didn't, since the frightening minotaur chase would certainly have erased the book's pages from my memory.

Well, unfortunately, the average person would be incorrect to assume there was a real minotaur down there. It was I who made those evil mrooaarhs. I thought it would be funny, but my plan sort of backfired because I got a really bad sore throat from it.

So Zhonn took me to buy some sore throat medicine! We bought a strange test tube of purple liquid, and it seemed to help. Once I was better, Zhonn and I copied the book together.

Only forty days later and we had finished! Once it was completed Zhonn and I decided to hunt down a frog kingdom mentioned in the book.

All we had to do to find it was trudge through miles and miles of pricker bushes and poison ivy! However, after days of this, Zhonn and I still didn't know whether we were any closer to the frogs or not.

At one point I turned to Zhonn and said, "You know, buddy, maybe we ought to turn back. Not that trudging through sharp and itchy plant life hasn't been fun and all, but I'm beginning to think that this so-called 'frog kingdom' doesn't really exist-"

Here I was interrupted when a scary little frog with a halo on its head leaped through the air to land right in the middle of my face!

"How dare you!" the tiny yet surprisingly loud frog shouted. "My kingdom is very real, as you will soon discover! MINIONS!!! ATTACK THE INTRUDERS!!!!!!"

At this, a bunch of other frogs jumped onto me, and they started bouncing up and down! It brought to mind the time Hamlet used my stomach as a trampoline. I was beginning to feel really nauseated when, all of a sudden, Zhonn's dog leapt into action. Apparently the frogs reminded him of his favorite chew toy!

However, there had been something very strange about the king frog. He was just a little frog. How on earth had he been able to shove me into the mud like he did?

After discussing the matter with Zhonn, we both decided we ought to take a look in The Book of Magic, Lore, Witchcraft and Wizardry, Treasures and Other Universes, and Simply the World Around Us.

We found what we were looking for on page negative three: The Rings of Wonder! The king's halo was really one of the fabled Rings of Wonder. Sadly, Zhonn and I decided it was too dangerous to put it on, since some of the Rings had been cursed long ago to turn the wearer's heart black as a grackle in a tar pit! Maybe we had better consult a jewelery expert.